Alex Fung

Alex Fung, a renowned and talented young photographer, developed a passion in photography for more than 20 years. His gifts and expertise in the field has virtually no limits, which range from sports and dynamic to nature and wildlife, traveling to portraiture, pictorial to documentary to bodyscape….

Alex is an accomplished international exhibitor and has collected countless awards in international competitions. His photos were exhibited throughout the seven continents. He has also received numerous titles, Who’s Who Top Ten in both Color & Monochrome sections of Photographic Society of America (PSA), 5 Star Exhibitor of PSA, Fellow in Royal Photographic Society in both documentary and travel divisions, Fellow in Photographic Salon Exhibitors Association (PSEA), Associates in Wilmington International exhibition of photography, … to name a few.

Alex play a leading and major role in encouraging and promoting modern digital photography and post processing by organizing and teaching classes, writing articles and giving lectures etc.

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