Matt Granger

Matt Granger is a portrait photographer and educator, As well as creator and host of a YouTube channel that showcases photography tutorials and gear reviews. In less than two years, Matt’s channel has become one of the most popular online educational outlets (he gets more than 2 million viewers per month). The YouTube channel is supported by his website which showcases all of his work as well as providing a forum for community members to share and develop together.

Now based in Sydney, Matt grew up in New South Wales, Australia in a home with lots of camera gear. He studied both photography and cinema at school and was happy to start out with knowledge of film SLRs and the how-to’s of the darkroom. He founded his business in 2007 with a concentration on portraiture, Intimate Portraiture (nudes) and special event photography.

Whilst Matt LOVES his camera gear – is no brand fan boy – the community is made up of all people and Matt welcomes everyone who is passionate about learning, developing and enjoying photography. Matt’s motto is Get Your Gear Out™ – photography and developing your skill should be about getting and shooting a lot – rather than focussing on what gear you have or want to get next. Shoot with what you have!

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