Naoyuki Toyoda

Naoyuki Toyoda is one of Japan’s most accomplished underwater photographers. Born in 1959, he studied fish behavior at the Tokyo University of Fisheries and learned how to SCUBA dive. After graduation, he worked as an office worker, a fisherman and a journalist. In 1991 he began to take underwater photographs for diving magazines including Diving World and Diver. In 1995 his photographs were prominently featured in Canon calendar.

Naoyuki loves the oceans of Japan, and has taken many photos from the north and south areas. In addition to he photography in the oceans of Japan, Naoyuki has started to shoot in other locations around the globe. Naoyuki has also expanded his craft to include filming for underwater movies, TV commercials, and TV programs. His latest projects involve climbing mountains to take photos of the sea. He believes there is a connection between mountains and the ocean.

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