Stefen Chow

Grateful to be a witness through his camera, Stefen is a photographer with a unique eye and effervescent personality. Trained as an engineer and recognized as one of the top mountaineers in Asia, Stefen summited Mount Everest and numerous Himalayan peaks before being a professional photographer.

His diverse experiences have allowed him to combine large-scale landscapes into a visual sentiment and also to engage individuals in compelling and interesting portraits. He has received awards from PDN, Billboard, International Photo Awards, Photographie de la Paris, and his works have also been exhibited across Miami, New York, Milan, Paris, Beijing and Singapore.

Stefen is equally versatile with natural lighting along with complicated lighting setups, and his style allows him to penetrate across diverse genres from editorial to commercial and to fine art.

Some of his clients include The Smithsonian, Geo Germany, Cartier, Keppel, Apple and the Singapore Art Museum. Stefen is also a spokesperson for Nikon Singapore. Stefen has lived in New York, various parts of Asia and currently lives between Beijing and Singapore.

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