Takehiko Shingu

Takehiko was born in Yokohama, 1960 and works as a photo retoucher and digital printing operator. Takehiko also lectures for the Nippon Photography Institute and Photo School Tokyo.

While working for the distributor of Apple computers, he taught lessons to designers, photographers, and advertising firms. Later he was contracted with Kodak Japan Ltd. While there he demonstrated how to use Labo’s digital machinery as a color management tecnical adviser.

Today, Takehiko retouches photographs for close friends and teaches photography editing lessons at two schools. Takehiko believes working closely with photographers, makeup artists, and models, maintains his creativity when retouching photos.

Email: shingu@dd.iij4u.or.jp
Twitter: Takehiko’s Twitter
Facebook: Takehiko’s Facebook

Photographer: Shinichi Tanaka
Make Up Artist: Tomoya Nakamura – Beronica
Model: AlisaaWake Models