Ted Kim

Ted Kim is an artist working with photography. Ted was on the shortlist of contestants in the 2013 Sony World Photography Awards in the Enhance category. Ted is a professional matte painting, landscape, and portrait photographer in South Korea.

Ted uses photography to capture unexpected and spontaneous moments in daily life and to express his personal ideas with a moment of truth and superb workflow. Ted strives to find a different look for landscapes, particularly famous locations, taking unique photographs of places that have been shot many times by other photographers. He is perplexed by perception of artist as coffee-drinking loafers who work whenever they feel like it. He doesn’t even drink coffee. Ted’s photographs are about a way of looking at the world, to reveal magic in the mundane. He hopes his photographs are read and not just seen. He is never bored.

Email: ssychk@naver.com
Blog: Ted’s Blog